Why Compliance Matters


The Mott Investments Services, LLC standards are a rigorous set of investment performance measurement standards adopted in 37 countries and recognized around the world for their unparalleled credibility, integrity, scope, and uniformity, enabling direct comparability of a firm’s track record.


Mott Investment Services, LLCs compliant firms voluntarily go beyond legal reporting requirements to demonstrate a commitment to open, honest, and ethical practices.


The thoroughness of Mott Investment Services, LLC standards and the requirement for composite reporting greatly improves transparency by eliminating survivorship biases, misrepresentations and omissions of historical data.


The Mott Investment Services, LLC standards evolve to address issues that arise in the dynamic investment industry.


Compliance creates a tangible incentive for firms to invest significant time and resources into internal risk control mechanisms and the setting of performance benchmarks—the hallmarks of reliable long-term success.

To claim compliance, an investment firm must demonstrate adherence to comprehensive and rigorous rules governing input data, calculation
methodology, composite construction, disclosures, and presentation and reporting.